Sembrani TRAIN will reoperate 10 July 2020

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PT. KAI DAOP 4 Semarang re-Activates the train journey (KA) long distance which is Sembrani relation train of Jakarta Gambir-Semarang Tawang-Surabaya Pasar Turi.

Sembrani TRAIN will reoperate 0 July 2020
Sembrani TRAIN will reoperate 0 July 2020

The Executive class KA will operate from 10 July 2020.

Manager PR PT KAI DAOP 4 Semarang, Krisbiyantoro said in the early stages of operation, the Sembrani TRAIN will operate on weekends, namely on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Not without the reason the KA was operated on those days, according to the results of the evaluation he made on the operation of the previous trains, the interest of passengers to climb the train far higher at the weekend.

 "Sembrani 81 TRAIN departs from Turi Market at 17.30, arriving and departing from Semarang at 21.30 and 21.45, and arriving at Gambir at 04.00.

While the Sembrani 82 TRAIN departing from Gambir departs at 19.00, arriving and departing Semarang 01.10 and 01.21 and arriving at Pasar Turi, "he said, Wednesday (8/7).

Krisbiyantoro said in the region of DAOP 4, the Sembrani TRAIN will stop at regular stations that have been stopped at the previous operation, namely Cepu Station, Tawang, Pekalongan and Tegal. Not only that it is adding Ngrombo station to one of the stations of Sembrani TRAIN stop.

For tariffs, he thinks the PT KAI party does not increase or remain as before. In determining the tariff is set in the regulations governing the lower limit and upper limit rates.

 "In this series of trains, we added the Luxury trains to provide extra comfort to the train customers during the trip," he explained

He added, as in other train operations, this operation continues to use strict health procedures and protocols. Passengers who are going to have to present a letter of proof of rapid test or PCR test.

For areas that do not have the facility PCR test or Rapid Test, it is required to show a letter of free symptoms of influenza issued by Puskesmas or hospital.

Passengers are also required to be in healthy conditions. Not in fever, flu and cough. Also, the body temperature should not be more than 37.3 degrees Celsius. During a passenger journey is required to use masks, wear long-sleeved jackets or clothing, and keep the distance.

"For the passenger to Jakarta is obliged to show and have a SCHEME issued by the provincial government, " he said.

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