Pandemic to be afraid of the time and easy to be comporous

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Rais Aam Idarah Aliyah Jam'iyah Ahlit Thariqah Al-Mu'tabarah An-Nahdliyah (Jatman) Habib Muhammad Luthfi bin Yahya Judging the pandemic COVID-10 makes some people afraid to do activities. Included in terms of work.

Pandemic to be afraid of the time and easy to be comporous

"When the work has been a way for him to support his family. This situation, when balanced by the strength of a weak heart, will cause it is easy to be composed, "said Habib Luthfi was quoted from the official site of NU, Monday (6/7).

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It was conveyed by Habib Luthfi while attending the route of the village at Kanzus Sholawat, Kota Pekalongan, Central Java, Friday (03/7).

Therefore, it is important that we continue to implement endeavours, which of course is accompanied by prescribed health protocols. Endeavors continue to keep themselves from mandatory illness, but do not soften the effort.

 "The farmer, trade, relationship in accordance with the regulations. We can not break up (Grenchester) because the Grenchester extend the age,  "Jelas Habib Luthfi.

The son of Al-'a'aa'il-Ahazari ( Muiz) (a), the Prophet Muhammad Luthfi ibn Yahya.
This business must also be coupled with the attitude of linking Hearts only to Allah SWT. A heart to him will make this soul and heart will be rigid and ready to try any condition.

 "See this, (All) return to God. Not ta'alluq to other than Allah,  "in short.

According to him, when a person in his heart is already embedded in the Almighty, will bring out the extraordinary power and will not look at anything other than God.

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Habib Luthfi also reminded to keep the unity and unity of the nation of Indonesia. In addition, he also hoped that the nation would not easily be comporous and stretched out among others.

 "We the nation of Indonesia, Muslims in particular, must maintain unity unity in Indonesia. Do not let us be stretched, giving the applause of others. Show that we are a strong Indonesian nation,  "he asserted.

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