Kapolres of Pekalongan City with TNI Kompak control New Normal policy in the area of Pekalongan

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Police chief of the city of Pekalongan AKBP Egy Andrian Suez, SH,. I. K, MH, requesting that the Kabag, Kapolsek ranks and Kasat to promote the socialization and education of all government policies so that the community has the awareness and readiness to enter the new new or normal order stage (' new normal ') until the behavior of Kelurahan and village.

Kapolres of Pekalongan City with TNI Kompak control New Normal policy in the area of Pekalongan
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"In accordance with the President's direction that to ensure the implementation of our readiness to the new new or normal order, he wanted the synergy of the police FORCE as the leading guard to socialize it.
To further discipline the community by following the agreed health protocols to break the Covid-19 chain, "said Kapolres.

It was delivered as an emphasis while conducting an enterprising Apple morning Wednesday (10/06/2020) on the Mapolres page which was followed by all the main officials and members of the regional police of Pekalongan city.

To strengthen that, the AKBP Egy Andrian Suez, asked the police to deploy the Bhabinkamtibmas personnel so as to touch the community to the bottom level.

"The correct use of all Bhabinkamtibmas forces synergize with Babinsa and the village government to socialize the Community protocol of productive and safe COVID-19," he asserted.

Kapolres explained as instructed by President Joko Widodo step that is prepared by the Government in order to face the new normal order will be done gradually.

Therefore, the enforcement of MILITARY personnel to supervise and ensure the implementation of health protocols in the field, especially related to the necessity to wear masks, keep the distance, and avoid people from the crowd and from jostle.

"With the power of troops from the TNI and Polri in the field in a massive, it is expected to bring about the strong awareness and discipline of the community and can suppress the viral distribution numbers COVID-19," said AKBP Egy Andrian Suez. 
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