Anticipation of Curanmor, Police Parking Lot

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In order to keep the situation of the kamtibmas in the jurisdiction of the police, Pekalongan remains safe and conducive in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. The ranks of Pekalongan's Polres continue to intensify dialogical patrol activities.

As well as the personnel of the Dikyasa Sat Unit so Polres of Pekalongan with the activity of patrol to the parking in front of Bojong market and Karanganyar market to be more alert to prevent the theft of motor vehicles, Thursday (9/7/2020)

In the activity of the dialogical patrol the officers convey the appeal to the parking lot to further improve supervision on the two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels parked. Do a good arrangement on the two-wheeled vehicle, install a double key or an alarm if necessary, the owner of the vehicle is given a parking token to facilitate the checking, please note the situation around the market, if there is a suspicious person immediately report to the police for immediate follow-up, said one of the officers Brigadier police Hendi. S

In a separate place Kapolres Pekalongan AKBP Aris Tri Yunarko, S.I.K., M.Si through Kasubbag public relation AKP Akrom, Thursday (9/7/2020) revealed, the new normal application or adaptation of the new habits of public activities are increasing again especially the need for basic and daily groceries. Along with this does not cover the possibility of perpetrators of crimes such as the Curas, nozzle and curanmor increase as well.

It is hoped that there are dialogical patrol activities by the parking lot, which can be conveyed by the message of Kamtibmas and the preventive health Protocol of Covid-19. So it is hoped to minimize the presence of crime Curanmor as well as the interest of visitors or society in order to always be vigilant and cautious of crime curanmor crimes, said Kasubbag public relation AKP Akrom.

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