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Headhunter assurance can be one of the solutions for insurance companies to find the best human resources that suit the needs of the company. Head Hunter's insurance field will focus on the employee recruitment process which includes database screening process, employee database search, psychotes and interviewing prospective employees.

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Development of Insurance Sector

The growth of Indonesian recruitment agency, in line with the development of business in the insurance world itself. Until now, the insurance industry in Indonesia continues to grow up to 20 percent 1 0.5 percent 1 0.5 percent 0.1 percent.

Although new insurance is widely used by upper middle class people, many insurers benefit from increasing consumer demand. The high demand is also supported by the growing middle class population today.

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Therefore, the market penetration of insurance products currently remains low according to regional standards, especially in non-life insurance products. There are still huge opportunities for further growth in the insurance industry itself.

The insurance sector also attracts significant interest from international investors in mergers and acquisitions as well as Bancassurance. With these opportunities it is very important for insurance companies to use experienced headhunters and have a professional network that covers a variety of functions.

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In this case you can use ProCapita as your mainstay headhunter. ProCapita has a wide range of networks in local and global insurance. Some of them are life insurance, micro insurance. General insurance, as well as Bancassurance.

That way headhunter assurance can be your trainer and advisor in the field of insurance. Therefore it is very important to use headhunter services that are already trusted and have a track record of experience in terms of insurance. A good headhunter should master the industry that is your career, in this case the field of insurance.

Therefore, for those of you who need headhunter assurance Jakarta executive search, can directly contact ProCapita through the contact that is already available. You can also directly visit ProCapita's office for a faster response.

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