Pekalongan Ready to Export Herbal Medicine to Overseas Market

Sabtu, 11 Juli 2020 | Juli 11, 2020 WIB | 0 Views
The Scientific and Service center of Jamu (PSPJ) of the city Health office of Pekalongan, Central Java, said it is ready to export herbal medicine products to a number of foreign markets.

"We are invited to market herbs herbal products through the virtual market (the cyber Market) by Pemkot Pekalongan to foreign market. Therefore, we are targeting to export 30 percent to 40 percent of Jamu products to foreign markets, "said head of PSPJ Dinkes Pekalongan Uswatun Khasanah in Pekalongan, Jateng, Wednesday.

According to him, today, Pekalongan has some superior products besides batik, such as instant herbal powder Temulawak and ginger that ready to be exported to a number of foreign markets.

The efficacy of Jamu Temulawak and this instant ginger, he said, can help increase immunity and maintain the health of the human body, especially when it is in the condition of the Pendemi COVID-19 nowadays.

Uswatun said the scientific centre of Jamu in Pekalongan is a part of the government building business that participated in virtual marketing activities abroad.

Herbal products produced through the cultivation of this herb, he said, ready to be exported to China and a number of countries in southeast Asia.

"The flagship product that will be marketed to Shanghai, China, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is Temulawak and instant ginger," he said.

He hopes herbal herbs from the city of Pekalongan whose capacity is still limited this can dominate the world market so far people only know from the country of Korea.

"Not only Gingseng land is a master of herbal products in the world market, but Indonesia can be worldwide through the product of ginger herbs and temulawit can increase immunity and maintain health," he said.

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